PDP outcome 2 – Academic and practice related arguments

Brooklyn Beckham (footballer David Beckham’s son) has angered many people after showing on instagram that he is the new photographer for the Burberry campaign. The reason professional photographers are annoyed is that as far as we know, Brooklyn has no experience or photographic qualifications. To many it seems as if his mum and dad have bought him an expensive camera and due to their high status and contacts (As his mum Victoria Beckham has worked in the fashion industry for some time) that Brooklyn got the job because of his last name. In addition to this, Brooklyn’s younger brother also models for Burberry. Photographers have spoken out about the fact that he has not had to pay his dues in the world of photography nor has he had to work hard to be given the opportunity to shoot for Burberry, it has just been handed to him.

Although I agree with parts of this argument, in the fact that he has not had to work hard to get given such an amazing opportunity, Brooklyn’s images are actually very good. He has shown that he does the skills to take a good fashion image and Burberry seem more that happy to advertise using these images. So my counter argument would be if Brooklyn has shown that he can actually take a photo and Burberry are happy with the images, then I see that no wrong has been done.  However I can understand that professional photographers who have worked in the industry for many years are annoyed because thats a possible job that has been given away to a celebrity.


Below is a link from the Guardian newspaper with more information on the argument:


PDP outcome 1 Knowledge and understanding- support systems and facilities

Here are 4 websites that photographers around the U.K use, including the AOP, BIPP, Shutter Hub and the RPS. These websites for a small sign up fee allow photographers to show their portfolios online, as well as helping photographers to enter into competitions. Shutter Hub especially helps students, Undergraduates and postgraduates. They can give you help with your portfolio and give you chances to exhibit in galleries that you may not have been able to get into on your own.

How I can sell my Photo Book

Blurb offers the option to sell your photo book if you wish to do so. However as it cost me £35 to create the book that would be I would have to charge more to sell the book. I don’t think the book would sell for more than £35 as it doesn’t have enough content but I would like to expand the book in the future and possibly look at selling it through blurb.


T&P Risk assessment

During my shoot for my Techniques and Processes Project ‘Meet Betty’ there are several risks whilst using the studio. In this risk assessment I will identify the risks we could possibly face and how we will overcome them.

The first risk is that my model Matthew McKnight will get very warm during the shoot, this will be due to the modelling lights and also he will have a lot of layers on such as hip pads, a corset and two wigs. This means that we will have to shoot for a short period of time and then let Matthew have a break to keep himself cool so he does not over heat. Also to stop the model from becoming too hot I will keep the fan on in the studio and make sure it is pointed at him at all times, this won’t interfere with the shoot as using the fan will only blow the wig back which will look high-glam anyway.

Another risk that will be quite dangerous is the shoes that Matthew will be wearing, as they are very tall high heels he could quite easily trip or come out of them and injure himself rather badly. In addition to this he could also trip over the background as it is raised. To prevent Matthew from falling he will only put the shoes on when he is in the position I want him to be, this way he will not have to move or walk in the high heels.

However another risk is that if Matthew has no shoes on, he could stand on something that will damage his foot such as a pin left by someone using the studio before us. To prevent this I will check the floor of the studio before  Matthew comes in, just to remove any objects that he could hurt himself on.

Another risk in the studio will be the lights, as they are quite difficult to operate on your own I have asked my friend Kerrie to help me with changing lighting and attachments. As Kerrie and myself have both been through health and safety in a studio, we are both qualified to move lights around without burning ourselves. This also means that if I am having trouble with something during the shoot, Kerrie can help me for example pushing up a stiff light.

As always in the studio, there are no drinks permitted, to prevent spillages and slips. In agreement with this rule, if a drink is to be consumed we will leave the studio before opening the liquid just to make sure that none of us will slip and hurt ourselves.

T&P shoot images

A few images from my Drag shoot ‘Meet Betty’

I have taken a lot of images that i’m happy with however they need some post-production to make Matthew look more feminine which will take me some time to complete

Unmistakably Bradford shoot 2

My second shoot for out PDP project ‘Unmistakably Bradford’ I am very happy with these shots and was lucky enough to catch the sunshine.

PDP Outcome 3- Targets and goals

When I first began my photography degree in September 2015, I was not aware of what kind of photography I wanted to move into, at first I wanted to do wedding photography as that was the most popular side of photography that I had seen and so I was unaware of what other types of photography were available to me, I just wanted to take photographs!

However after my 1st semester it was clear to me that there are so many more options available to me than just wedding photography. In fact, my first two projects were both animal based, One named ‘All bark no bite’ was about my dog and the different situations he was in on a weekly basis. My other project was called ‘My Horse Life’, this was a project which looked to show the relationship and trust between a 21 year old girl called Rebecca and her horse named Disney. The images looked to show the different aspects of the relationship they had, which ranged from amazingly happy times in which Rebecca could forget about the negative things happening in her life, to angry times in which Disney would not behave and was acting aggressively towards her owner.

These two projects made it clear to me that one aspect of photography that I wanted to explore as a career path, but more specifically Equine Photography. I am now regularly at the farm snapping away at both horses and their owners, exploring different ways to photograph horses and just for general practice. In summer I will be expanding my project which will involve Rebecca and Disney again and their journey.

During my second semester, I got to grips with the studio and learnt how to use the lights to create different moods, how to photograph people and ended with a fashion/ Drag Queen photo shoot. Again, studio work is also something I want to explore as a possible career option, doing portraits in particular. I also explored using people as my subject for my Studio Practice creating an Alice In Wonderland photo book. I enjoyed the project and working with people, and in particular children, who can be just as unpredictable as horses.

At the minute I am unsure of my realistic target for myself, as there are so many options for me and so many different aspects of photography that I am yet to explore. When asked in class what my goal was my reply was ‘I want to have a big studio, big enough to fit horses in, on a farm and my job would be taking portraits of horses as well as pictures of them and their owners.’ I know this is a unrealistic goal in the short term, but long term this could be something that I can achieve if I Equine photography is the career path I choose.

Should photographers post their photographs on social media sites?

Should we use social media as a means of showing photographs?


Using social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram has become a quick and easy way for photographers to share their photographs with lots of people all at once. However there is a debate as to whether using social media is safe for photographers, as plagiarism can easily take place even with the photographer watermarking their pictures. Unless you pay for copyright, anyone who can see your photograph on Facebook can download the image and then repost as their own, or pass the image on as their own work and receive payment with no way of the photographer to know any different.

Personally, I believe that Facebook is a great way to share my photographs with hundreds of people at the click of a button, however I understand that without watermarks or resizing of the images anyone can save the images and easily blow them up to quite big sizes without my permission. Yet, if I did not use social media, in particular Facebook, then not many people would see my images which is not what I want, as I like to share my images and receive feedback from people. Social media is also a good way for a photographer to become well known, and using several different sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can gain a photographer recognition and also can lead to paid work and opportunities that you might not be given if that one customer had not seen your work on a social media site. I have gained a lot of work that I would not have received if I had not shared my previous work on my Facebook page, such as events I have photographed. I have also recently had the opportunity to take baby photos of a three week old baby, which after I shared on Facebook, I was asked by three more customers if I would be available to take pictures of their children.

For more experienced photographers, using Facebook or Instagram might not be that important, as they will already have an audience who will know what their official website is and how to find it. However for amateur photographers, using social media can be a great way to boost followers and to build up a good base of customers.